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HP LaserJet Service PIN Codes

An HP Laserjet Service area PIN being entered into an HP printer being serviced

The Laserjet Service Menu is used by printer repair engineers and usually has options like clearing the event log, changing the maintenance count and maintenance interval. Most HP laserjet printer models require a PIN code to access the Service Menu Area. PIN codes for each model can be found in the individual laserjet service manuals, […]

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HP Laserjet Error Codes and what you can do about them

HP Error Codes on an HP Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Error Codes Below are the error codes for the HP LaserJet series of printers.  Please note the explanations are generic descriptions for ALL LaserJets, often more detailed infomation will be available if you search for a specific error code on a specific model (eg. “50.2 error LaserJet 4700”)   Have a question? Call us […]

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10 Common Printer Faults

A printer in Berkshire needing Repair

This article lists the top 10 common printer faults our engineers encounter with general office laser printers. ┬áBy knowing the most common printer faults that can occur, you can reduce the amount down time that is caused as a result of these problems. The Most Common Printer Faults 1. Paper Jams A paper jam is […]

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